Beliefs and Values

Our mission – Honor each. Enrich all.

Our spiritual community welcomes all people and honors the human dignity of each individual. Grounded in our Unitarian Universalist Beliefs, we enrich one another and challenge ourselves to heal and strengthen all lives and to care for our shared earth. (adopted February 1, 2009)

Personal Religious Freedom

We believe each person hopes to embrace a spiritual or religious view that speaks to his or her own head, heart, and soul. For us, religious freedom means being able to follow a personal path that nurtures us individually and each view is honored by others at UUCM.

Steadfast Community

We embrace our differences (philosophical, political, religious, economic, racial, ethnic, gender, age, or sexual orientation) and come together through common worship and social engagement in an unshakeable community. We know that life is richer, deeper and more gratifying if we live it together.

Doing Good, Well

We accept our responsibility to one another and to the larger world. We believe in the interdependent web of life, and serve to enrich the quality of life of our shared earth and all living things on it. Together, we fight injustice, share what we have, and improve the systems of laws, accountability, and vigilance so that all may live well.

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