How the Finance Committee supports the “Honor Each. Enrich All” mission:

For the Finance Committee, it’s about monthly oversight of the operating budget. We also maintain institutional memory of church finances.

  1. What is this committee responsible for?
    • Monthly oversight of operating budget status
    • Questioning unusual expenses
    • Identifying trends such as inadequate pledge fulfillment
    • Assist council to prepare budget for coming year 
  1. What skills or interests would be useful on this committee?
    • Analytical skills
    • Good attention to details 
  1. Frequency and duration of meetings.  (From Sept to June or 12 months.)
    • September to June
    • We do not necessarily meet every month; may agree by e-mail to skip a meeting 
  1. What kinds of things occur during the meetings?
    • Go over the budget report for fiscal year up to the current date
    • Discuss issues that pop up 
  1. What kind of work, if any, do members do between meetings?
    • Treasurer prepares monthly report for Finance Committee and Council 
  1. What is the total average time commitment, including meetings and work between meetings?
    • About 2 hours per month

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