Partner Church

How the Partner Church Committee supports the “Honor Each. Enrich All” mission:

For the Partner Church Committee, it’s about honoring our shared heritage and envisioning the future.

  1. What is this committee responsible for?
    • educate the congregation about our PartnerChurch
    • execute projects such as fundraisers, scholarships
    • communicate with the congregation and with Partner church through e-news, skype, facebook friends.
  • What skills or interests would be useful on this committee?
    • Hungarian speakers
    • UU heritage
    • travel
  1. Frequency and duration of meetings.  (From Sept to June or 12 months.)
    • Held as needed.  Maximum of 1-2 per year, about 1 hour each
  1. What kinds of things occur during the meetings?
    • Disseminate information from communication with PartnerChurch
    • Discuss ideas for future projects to undertake (for example, scholarship.)
  1. What kind of work, if any, do members do between meetings?
    • Communicate with partner church minister
    • Occasional fundraising
    • check writing!
    • Hosting Hungarian Potluck dinners
    • staff booth at Social Justice fair
    • Attend RE classes to discuss PartnerChurch
    • creating content for UUCM worship service on PartnerChurch, or portions of a worship service
  1. What is the total average time commitment, including meetings and work between meetings?
    • 4-6 hours per year maximum

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