How the Property Committee supports the “Honor Each. Enrich All” mission:  Preserve the physical property of UUCM

What is this committee responsible for?

  • Overseeing all physical property of UUCM.
  • To supervise and coordinate with the Friday Guys and other possible subgroups such as a grounds or a kitchen subcommittee. Membership is expected to overlap between the groups.
  • To ensure that certain annual things are done, such as fire inspections, insurance renewals, and that routine maintenance is performed.
  • Organize semi-annual church property “clean-up” days, spring and fall
  • Assist in aesthetic decisions.
  • Follow up as needed to ensure that the work is being completed.
  • Communicating needs of the church to the custodian as they arise

What skills or interests would be useful on this committee?

  • An interest in protecting this church building and grounds.
  • Familiarity with the church property and history.
  • Ability to make decisions and delegate responsibility to the subgroups or employees.
  • The various subgroups have additional skill requirements.

Frequency and duration of meetings.

  • Once or twice a month as needed, year around, as much work is done during the summer. The subgroups will have their own additional meetings

What kinds of things occur during the meetings.

  • Discussion of the issues with decisions being made.
  • Proper delegation to the subgroups.

What kind of work, if any, do members do between meetings?

  • Many are active with the Friday Guys or other subgroups
  • Clutter management
  • Coordinate rentals with Office Administer and Custodian
  • Property Committee Chair works with minister to review job performance of custodian

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