Pledge Drive 2017

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Cammie and Steve’s video about the Positive Vibe Pledge Drive.  Everything you need to know.

Pledge Drive FAQ (in a nutshell)

What exactly is Pledging?

  • A way to say “I’m in”. Your Pledge form tells the rest of us that you’re committed to our caring community…. and willing to stick with us as we transition to the exciting “next chapter” of congregational life together.
  •  A way to take stock of our community assets! Our membership is ever-changing so each year we need an updated inventory of our community assets which include:
    • Time
    • Talent
    • Treasure
    • Attendance (yes, simply showing up is meaningful because the beauty of who you are makes the rest of us smile!)

Should I be Worried?

No way! With so many brilliant and creative minds in our midst, we know we can pool our assets to create the two things we all really want and need:

  • a supportive community of people who care
  • a home-away-from home filled with people you trust… a safe haven where we can gather and enjoy the freedom to be our authentic selves.

Who is Running this Shindig?

Cammie and Steve Opre…members since 1997.Cammie is a Mom and Zumba Instructor. She tends to organize fundraisers. Steve is a Middle School Technology Teacher. He teaches OWL, is chair of the Finance Committee and will be Treasurer next year.

What exactly is going to happen?

  1. No extra meetings. Steve and Cammie Opre will be coming to all UUCM groups that gather on a regular basis….so look for them March 19- April 2.
  2. 20 minutes of your time. Cammie and Steve will make a 5 minute presentation and then give you time to fill out a survey, the Pledge Form and the Blue Card (a card for any questions you may have).
  3. The survey will help us to know how members are benefiting from the UUCM experience.
  4. Pledge Form. Fill this out to tell us what you are willing to commit to in the way of Time, Talent, Treasure, and Attendance. Pledge Forms can be handed in at the meeting, mailed later, put in a lobby lock box, done via the website, texted, emailed or even done with a phone call.
  5. “Love Pass”. This is a choice you can check on the Pledge Form for those among us who may be struggling with health issues, loss, set-backs and other hardships…in other words those people we cherish and are in need of our love and support to get through a difficult time.
  6. Blue Cards. Write your questions on the card and tell us how best to reach you to get you the answers you need.
  7. Songs, dances, hugs and silly announcements….to keep this process upbeat and FUN!
  8. Testimonials. Keeping it real is important too…so a few members will stand up on Sundays ( March 19 and 25) to tell us why it matters that they have a community like ours.
  9. The Brochure and Mailing Package. Many of our most dedicated members cannot get to weeknight evening gatherings/meetings at church due to jobs, travel, transportation/driving issues, small children, crazy busy lives, care-giver responsibilities etc. Those folks will be mailed a brochure and personal note with their Pledge Form, Survey and Blue Card.
  10. Follow-up phone calls from people you know. If you get the Mailing Package…and we don’t get your Pledge From back in a week…a friend from church will call you to see if you have questions.
  11. The Peace, Love and Pancakes Breakfast! Steve is going to crank out a mountain of pancakes…blueberry and more…at 9 AM on Sunday, March 26th. Be there
  12. The Turn-Around T Shirt. Thanks to an anonymous donor, those who “turn around” their Pledge Form in 24 hours, you will get a really cool Organic Bamboo American Made Locally Printed T-shirt! Wow!

And there will be MORE FUN SURPRISES! Now is the time to celebrate that we are a community of….

”People Who Care and People UU Trust!”

Welcome to the Positive Vibe Pledge Drive…. Not your father’s pledge drive. You can look forward so SONG, DANCE , SILLINESS, STEVE’s PANCAKES, PRIZES and so much more!