We are currently at STEP THREE of UUCM’s COVID-19 plan   

  • Virtual Worship
  • Virtual classes for children, youth and adults.
  • Fellowship virtual only.
  • Committee and Team business, plus renters at UUCM

Building Use:

  • Granted to meeting attendees, as needed. Social distancing and use of face masks recommended; the group can decide what makes them comfortable.   
  • All meetings must be scheduled through the office.  Please be aware that there are limited rental times and spaces available.
  • Meeting rooms will be assigned by the office administrator based on the number of attendees, to assure that social distancing is possible.  In order to facilitate safe physical distancing inside the building, each room of the church has a limit to the number of persons who can be in them. The Congregation’s Administrator will advise any groups seeking to use space of their options.
  • Individuals may bring their own food and beverages into the building, but shared food and beverages are not allowed.
  • If the Sanctuary is to be used for outside rentals, only every other pew may be occupied and we recommend that  the windows be kept open, and that singing be done only with masks on (or not at all).

UUCM will up our vigilance as we enter Step 3:

  • Signage prominently placed in meeting rooms listing COVID-19 symptoms.

Meeting the needs of all individuals

  • If there are meeting attendees who wish to participate but prefer not to enter UUCM, the meeting organizer will make every effort to assure that the individual can be included from a remote site.

Cleanup of meeting rooms

  • The custodian will clean rooms and bathrooms, as needed based on room usage.
  • If a group cancels a meeting/reserved room, they must notify the office.

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