Jane Sayles Mika

I grew up in South Weymouth, MA as Jane Sayles McClung and lived there most of my young adult life until I married John Mika and moved to Whitman in 1985. Within a year we started a family by adopting our daughter, Kalyn, from Korea. We moved several times over the years from Whitman to Plympton, to Kingston to Pembroke and finally to W. Barnstable on Cape Cod. We stayed there while Kaley finished high school and then college at Mount Holyoke.

Soon thereafter, I retired from the U.Mass Cranberry Station in E. Wareham and John retired as Assistant Principal at Barnstable High School. Although I grew up with lots of family around, by this time almost everyone had moved out of state. Three cousins, including Carole Treen, had moved to New Hampshire. Under Carole’s influence, we attended many UUCM functions over the years and, in the process, made several friends.

At some point after Kaley married and moved to Brewster, we decided that the time had come to move to NH where we had both relatives and friends. Moving from my home State of Massachusetts and leaving my daughter behind was hard for me, but we soon settled in to the New Hampshire lifestyle. All was good with the exception of the hour-long drive from Danville to Milford which limited our Sunday attendance and hampered our connections with UUCM. So, after packing up for the seventh time, we moved to Brookline, NH which is a mere 18 minutes from the church, choir, Friday Guys, Community Suppers, Membership meetings, the Auction, and the Holiday Fair, etc, etc. etc.

Needless to say, this last move has had the greatest impact on our day-to-day lives but it has all been for the good. We have made a home in both Brookline and Milford and wouldn’t want it any other way.