The Search Committee is scheduling events and small group meetings here you can meet and chat with Rev Shayna. She is the pastor at All Souls UU Church in Brattleboro, VT so has a regular schedule of Sundays there and many obligations to them as their minister. The Search Committee offers you these opportunities to get to know Rev. Shayna:

  • She will be in our pulpit in April 19, and again in May or June.
  • If your committee or working group would like to meet with her during April or May, please contact Cathy Goldwater or Amy Blanchard to arrange this.
  • If you are interested in attending or hosting a meal for 10 – 12 people sometime this spring, please contact Karen Crossman or Cathy Goldwater.
  • Alan Shirey and Nancy Baker are organizing the all congregation events at the church.

In any search process the Search Committee keeps the master calendar, and plans events to avoid scheduling conflicts and uses Rev Shayna’s time efficiently. We also listen to the process as it unfolds so we can report back to you on what we’ve all learned from engaging with Rev Shayna. We are here to arrange things for you, so please work through us and we’ll offer you times for meetings and answer any questions you may have. Thanks for your patience as we put this all together. See the Church Directory for contact information.

Transition Activities – describes activities of the Transition Team which preceded the Search Committee formation

Organizational Process – describes how we work together during this  time and what we discover about ourselves along the way.