2015-2016 Themes

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In September 2013, UUCM began a theme-based ministry. Theme-based ministry is an integrated worship and learning practice designed to give us a deeper and richer experience of our faith. Each month, we’ll explore dimensions of the theme through worship, small groups, lifespan faith development, movie nights, book groups, and newsletter reflections.

Themes provide an opportunity to grapple with theological ideas and their relevance in our lives.  We will have opportunities to expand our theological literacy and perhaps reclaim for ourselves theological language or “a language of reverence” as some have called it. The ultimate purpose is to support your journey of connection and spirit, as well as offering strengthening resources for living your faith in personal interactions and in the public square.

June 2016 – Simplicity Resource Packet

May 2016 – Blessing Resource Packet

April 2016 – Creation Resource Packet

March 2016 – Liberation Resource Packet

February 2016 – Desire Resource Packet

January 2016 – Resistance Resource Packet

December 2015 – Expectation Resource Packet

November 2015 – Ancestry Resource Packet

October 2015 – Letting Go Resource packet

September 2015 – Invitation Resource packet