Highlights from Recent Services:

Oct 17, 2021 – ‘Plurality and diversity of ideas and views, united in a shared intention, mutually enrich one another toward the achievement of an end.’  In her sermon, Rev Shayna talked about how we can align ourselves behind our stated objective to honor every person’s search for truth as we learn to work together.  Read the script.

Oct 10, 2021 – The notion of ‘de-centering’ our white experience is one that comes up often in the context of anti-racism work. In this service, ‘Who is My Neighbor’, Rev. Shayna revisited an ancient tale about a person who did just that!  Read the text of the service.

Oct 3, 2021 – “Mending the Sacred Circle”. The Worship Team presented a historical retrospective of the Native Americans in the United States.   With photos, words, and songs of the many tribes that once populated the US, we recalled the vibrant natives that once lived here and learned what we could do to honor their memory.  Read the script.

Sept 26, 2021 – “The Church is Your Spiritual Gym” For many UU’s, church work is not spiritually enriching.  Why is that and how might we begin working to change it?  Read Rev. Shayna’s  answer.

Sept 12, 2021 – “What Happens When the Pause Gets Pregnant?”We’ve been in a state of pause for 18 months and have often found it challenging and disheartening. But what if it were an opportunity to reassess what’s essential and what new direction our interrupted dreams might take? Maybe a pause is a good thing in some ways, letting us focus anew, cherish the important things, and take a wider, more tender look at relationships. This service looks at a pause as an element of the time continuum, suggesting that when it comes to valuing the time we have, developing quality time is more essential than worrying about its quantity.  Read the script for this service by the Worship Team.

Sept 5, 2021 – ‘Six Impossible Things Before Breakfast’ Click here for a little light fun, play trivial pursuit, and open your mind to what could be with the theme for September.  Discover why it takes practice to believe the impossible and the possible things that we encounter in our lives. The Worship Team.

Aug 29, 2021 – ‘The Memory of Trees’ The Worship Team explores our relationship with trees and why we love their dependable beauty and diversity.   Read the script. 

Aug 22, 2021 – ‘Seeing is Believing’ – In this service, the Worship Team suggests that how you see is more important than what you see.  Read the script.

Aug 8, 2021 – ‘Heroes and Sheroes’ (S)heroes can be real, imaginary, personally inspiring or generally accepted for their actions, values, or compassion. They can be role models. They can be quiet, inspiring heroes who don’t always pop into mind when you say hero, but they are. Read what other UUCMers said about the (s)heroes who inspire them.

July 25, 2021 – In the online service entitled ‘It’s the Journey that Matters,’ Lynn Coakley and the Worship Team explored some of the stories that have lifted our spirits and challenged us to think beyond the ordinary.   Read the script.

July 18, 2021 – Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar shared some of her experiences working with incarcerated women in her sermon  ‘Lessons in Love I Learned in Prison‘.   

July 11, 2021 – ‘Dandelion Wine – Painting & Poetry of Summer’ To stir your imagination, Nancy Baker and the Worship Team presented lovely art and poetry which you can find here.

July 4, 2021 – ‘All the Things We Cannot See’ Read some ideas about how to relearn the delights of the world and see the wonders.  By the Worship Team

June 20,2021 – Read text of ‘ The Worship Year in Review’ By the Worship Team

June 13, 2021 – ‘May People See’ – If you missed the story about the history of Norbert Capek and the UUs Flower Communion service, you can read the text here.

June 6, 2021 – ‘ Building Bridges, Giving Thanks‘ – As is our spring tradition, we honor our high school graduates (Henry B., Evelyn D., and Mitch S.), and we thank so many of you who have helped keep our vibrant congregation going during this unusual time. Rev. Shayna

May 30,2021 – ‘Gather Up All These Things‘ – What would it feel like if we were to stop trying to box people in, stop trying to fit people into our constructs of gender identity, and instead, spent some time expanding those constructs?  Let us gather up all these things and just boldly declare them part of us too.  If we can pull that off, we’ll be a few steps closer to being the community we all yearn to be. Rev Shayna

May 23, 2021 – What’s Your Story?  “It is not by chance that you arrived here today. You have been looking for something larger than yourself. Inside of you there is a yearning, a calling, a hope for more, A desire for a place of belonging and caring. And so, you began seeking a beloved community.”Read why the UUCM covenant binds our community together. Rev. Shayna

May 16, 2021 – What It Was, and Should Be‘ – In 1838, Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered “The Divinity School Address”. He was looking to a time when the spirit that inspired the prophets of old would again animate humanity. Rev. Shayna offers her thoughts. .

May 9, 2021 – Encountering Awe, Discovering Resilience – To take another  look at Rev. Shayna’s service about the spiritual practices of this sacred tradition of Ramadan and what they might teach us about awe and resilience, click here.

May 2, 2021 – Read and listen to the Blessing of the Animals service that the Worship team offered with such joy!

April 18,2021 – “A Sense of Wonder: A Powerful Tool for Saving the Earth” Consider the difference it might make to environmental protection and justice if we cultivated a sense of wonder in our practical and spiritual connection to nature. Read the Worship Team’s hope-filled message.

April 11, 2021  – ‘Un-Becoming’  Our spiritual journeys are often thought of as a process that involves living into our full selves. But we UU’s are largely ‘come-outers’ – folks who have come to Unitarian Universalism from other traditions. For us, the process of a spiritual awakening starts not with a blank slate, but rather with the need to wipe one slate clean. Then what? Read more here. Rev. Shayna

April 4, 2021 – ‘Easter-ing’ UU Rev. Scott Alexander preaches that, “Easter is a decision, a decision of the human heart, a brave and beautiful decision to live – fully, recklessly, courageously – even in the face of death and despair itself.” This Sunday we’ll explore Easter not just as a noun, a localized event that occurred once upon a time, long, long ago, but also as a verb: “Easter-ing”. You Easter. I Easter. We Easter when we choose hope over fear, love over hate. We Easter when, in times of trial, we reach for hope, and faith in service to a greater good. Read the script of this service. Rev. Shayna.

March 28, 2021 – ‘Which of the Four Shall We Welcome?”  In the middle of the Passover Seder, during the ‘telling’ (maggid) of how the Israelites passed from slavery into freedom, we are introduced to four children – the wise, the wicked, the simple and the one who doesn’t know how to ask. Which one would be welcome here?  Read Rev. Shayna’s response and the rest of the service.

March 21, 2021 – ‘Turning our Faces’ March is upon us, and transition is all around us.   I can’t help but think that a little transition might be just what we need. Where will we go?  What are we hoping to accomplish?  What will sustain us along the way?  More importantly maybe,  can we commit to the long-haul, to the patience it requires to impact transition in these times?  Read more of Rev. Shayna’s  message and listen to the videos.

March 14, 2021 – ‘When Commitment Gets Complicated’  Click here to read the script and listen to RocketKids “Stop Making Excuses and Own Your Actions”  Rev. Shayna

March 7, 2021 – ‘Choice, Challenge and Change’ – Get inspiration by rereading the script from Sunday’s worship and listening to the TED talk by “The boy who harnessed the wind”  Worship Committee

February 28, 2021 – ‘A Song in a Weary Throat’ – Read the script and hear the video from the service about Pauli Murray’s extraordinary life as offered by Rev. Ariel Aaronson-Eves

February 21, 2021 – ‘Owning Up’  At the end of her sermon, Rev. Shayna said, ‘Beliefs, no matter how noble, must be embodied in a living institution or they will have no convincing power.  This is what Jews understand about Judaism, and maybe one of the reasons they go so joyfully berserk once a year.  We could learn something from such an embodied faith, don’t you think?’  Read more here.

February 14, 2021 – ‘Essential Liberty’  This file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings plus links to the videos  . Rev. Shayna

February 7, 2021 – ‘ Connections; Changing the World’ This file contains the text of the Reflections and links to the YouTube videos.  Worship Committee

January 31, 2021 – ‘A More Perfect Union’  This file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings plus links to the videos  . Rev. Shayna

January 24, 2021 – “Journey to EmmausThis file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings plus a link to the video for the Time for all Ages. Rev. Shayna

January 17, 2021 – ‘In the Name of All That is HolyThis file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings plus a link to the video for the Time for all Ages. Rev. Shayna

January 10,2021  –  ‘Can You Imagine‘  This file contains the text of the Reflections.  Worship Committee

January 3, 2021   – “Beyond Dogma, Creeds and Codes”  This file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings, plus links to the YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

December 27, 2020  ‘Are We There Yet?”   Revisit last Sunday’s online worship – this file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings, plus links to the YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

December 20, 2020  ‘Embrace the Dark, Come Into the Light”  Revisit last Sunday’s online worship – this file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings, plus links to the YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

December 13, 2020  ‘Finding Stillness, Discovering Self‘  Revisit last Sunday’s online worship – this file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings, plus links to the YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

December 6, 2020  ‘Whisper of the Heart’ Revisit last Sunday’s online worship – in this file the Worship Committee  shared their thoughts on why a search for stillness deepens our ability to focus, connect and clarify our emotions and experiences. Whether we find stillness within us or around us, it is a resource when we most need reassurance and a sense of peace.

November 29, 2020  ‘Forgiven, Not Forgotten‘  Revisit last Sunday’s online worship – this file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings, plus links to the YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

November 22, 2020  ‘Comfort & Control, or Beloved Community’  Revisit last Sunday’s online worship – this file contains the text of the Sermon and Readings, plus links to the YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

November 15, 2020  ‘Cracked Pots’  Revisit last Sunday’s online worship ‘ Cracked Pots’ – this file contains the text of  the Sermon and Readings, plus links to YouTube videos that were shown.  Rev. Shayna Appel

November 8, 2020  ‘We the People’ and our democracy will all benefit from a bit of healing.  Read the text of this service.  Rev. Shayna Appel

November 1, 2020  ‘All Souls’ Sunday‘ honors loved ones who have died. Read the text of this service   Worship Committee

October 25, 2020  Read the text of  ‘Resistance is not Futile’.  Rev. Shayna Appel

October 18, 2020 Hear ‘Voices of the Unheard‘ or read the text of the service. Rev. Shayna Appel.

October 11, 2020   ‘Do You Hear What I Hear?’ Rev. Shayna Appel (the sound cuts out occasionally due to technical difficulties, so here is the script to read.)

September 20, 2020  Rev. Shayna said that “although life is simply too much and sometimes resilience is not enough, don’t drop out, but instead lean into what you know”.  Listen to her entire sermon.

September 13, 2020  Our Annual Ingathering Service is challenging this year, but Rev. Shayna offers us a way to say Alelulia Anyhow   

August 16,2020  Click here to listen to the history, the legacy of John Lewis, the status of voting rights and access today, and how to join the fight so that everyone has a right to be heard with their vote.

August 9, 2020  Click here to watch Delia Kostner (Souhegan Insight Meditation), speak about Cultivating a Kind and Compassionate Heart: Meditation Practices for Challenging Times 

August 2, 2020  Click here and escape from New Hampshire and visit some of the beautiful  National Parks, Forests, Marine Sanctuaries, Grasslands, and Wildlife Refuges that America has to offer.  The worship committee will help you satisfy your itch to travel by suggesting some of the wonderful conserved areas nearby Milford to visit.

July 26, 2020  Click here to watch the part of today’s service that describes What it Means to be Black in America and asks What areas of systemic racial injustice can UUCM work on to make our world more equitable?

July 19, 2020  Can We Talk About Race  Cathy Goldwater

July 5, 2020  Time in a Bottle  Nancy Baker

June 21, 2020  Endings and Beginnings  Rev. Carol Strecker

June 14, 2020  Flower Communion  Rev. Carol Strecker

May 24, 2020  The New Normal  Rev. Carol Strecker

May 10, 2020  The Art of Mothering  Rev. Carol Strecker

May 3, 2020  Poetry Introduction and Poems Shared During Service  Rev. Carol Strecker

April 26, 2020 Walking Through the Valley  Rev. Jeanne Nieuwejaar

April 19, 2020  Backside Redemption  Rev. Shayna Appel

April 12, 2020   Morning Has Broken  Rev. Carol Strecker

Selected Worship services:

Mar 1, 2020- Dream-Believe-Give – Stewardship Committee
Feb 23, 2020- Across the Great Divide – Rev. Carol Strecker
Feb 16, 2020 – What’s Love Got To Do With It? – Rev. Carol Strecker
Feb 9, 2020 – Inspiring Social Action – Worship Committee
Feb 2, 2020 – Looking for Signs – Rev. Carol Strecker
Jan 26, 2020 – Surrender Dorothy – Rev. Carol Strecker
Jan 19,2020 – Looking at New Opportunities & Possibilities – Search Committee
Jan 12, 2020- Going Deeper – Rev. Carol Strecker
Jan 5, 2020- The Power of Peace – Rev. Carol Strecker
Dec 29, 2019 – Stories & Songs of the Season – Worship Committee
Dec 22, 2019 – Gifts of the Longest Night – Rev. Carol Strecker
Dec 8, 2019 – Hope Is … – Rev. Carol Strecker
Dec 1, 2019 – Wait for It.. – Worship Committee
Nov 24, 2019 – Is There Room in your Bowl – Rev. Carol Strecker
Nov 17, 2019 – UUSC Sunday – Rev. Carol Strecker
Nov 10, 2019 – The Larger View – Rev. Carol Strecker
Oct 27, 2019 – Centering Voices from the Margins – Guest – JerriAnn Boggis
Oct 20, 2019 – Creating Circles of Trust – Rev. Carol Strecker
Oct 13, 2019 – Diversity and Inclusion in UUism – 20 years later – Rev. Carol Strecker
Oct 6, 2019 – The Sparks of Diversity and Inclusion – Worship Committee
Sept 22, 2019 – Buiding Beloved Community – Rev. Carol Strecker
Sept 15, 2019 – Water Ceremony – Rev. Carol Strecker
Sept 8, 2019 – Our Sense of Self – Nancy Baker

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