A Stable Faith 

Sunday morning, December 19, 5:00am
It snowed last night.  First real snow of the season.  I awoke to the sound of the snowplow heading up my road.  Why would that be necessary, I wonder?  I cleared my driveway last night just after the road was plowed and it had stopped snowing.

Wearily, I drag myself out of bed, peer into the dark of early morning, and realize we had more snow last night.  I dress and head downstairs to clear the driveway… again.  It’s Sunday morning, after all, and I have to get to church!

First pass down the driveway and the snow blower dies.  Great!  Grab a shovel and get to work.  It’s Sunday morning, after all, and I HAVE to get to church!

Driveway is clear. I am showered and dressed and off to walk Arlo and then head to church.

Joined at church by Candy Shirey, who is setting up the Christmas bonsai tree.  We get the rest of the tech assembled in time for the 10:00am soundcheck.

10:30 – 11:30am
Lovely service, well attended, technical glitches overcome!

Board meeting.  We really do have an extraordinary Board!  We delve into our congregation’s mission, address the business before us, and still find time for laughter and love!

Setup for tonight’s solstice service is being done outdoors this year due to… well, you know!  Cammie Opre is downstairs managing the deliveries for this year’s online Holiday Fair — online this year because… well, you know!  The Bennetts have arrived to help lay out the sacred spiral made of greens that Rachel Maggs and I gathered last Thursday. Marti is providing leadership as well as adding some really special touches to the spiral. We’re stretching an electrical cord to Shelley Garden, Dax is setting up the fire pit, and someone is in the kitchen heating apple cider and preparing tables for all the s’mores supplies!

The fire is lit, and so are the candles around the spiral. People are arriving!

Despite the cold, we have a really nice turnout of people, including folks from the Peterborough UU Congregation.  Kids too!  While watching everyone gathered around the fire pit, kids running up and down the ice mounds left by the plow, and listening to bits and pieces of various conversations, it suddenly strikes me… THIS is what this congregation must have felt like before COVID-19!  All this activity, all these people gathered together, and all seeming to genuinely enjoy each other’s company!

Break down tables, put remaining goods away, kitchen cleanup, power cord returned to the basement, extinguish the fire. Head home after an exhausting and utterly exhilarating day!

Monday, December 20, 6:30 am
I awaken to the realization that my computer is at the church, my truck is a disaster zone, and my body aches from all of yesterday’s activities.  And then I realize something else… I’ve got a smile across my face the size of a Montana sky!  Yesterday was a good day… a really good day!

Looking forward to more days like this in the coming year!