UUCM’s Current Financial Situation  (April 2020)

For the Remainder of the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year

The payments of pledges this year are coming in ahead of schedule but slowing down. Our revenue stream has virtually stopped except for pledges. No more rentals. Two of our fundraisers are canceled for this year – the Auction and the Spring Fling. The Auction usually brings in $10,000 to $13,000. The good news is that we are not spending as much as we expected. But 70% of our expenses are for Staff and we still need to pay or employees who are key to getting us through this pandemic. We need to pay utilities and keep our building in good condition. Because of this, we may need to take more money from the Endowment than planned for this year which leaves less from the $108,000 that we voted on to spend over the next 5 years. This is a bad time to sell stock from our endowment, but we have enough cash reserves that we will not have to do this – assuming that many of us are able to pay our pledge for this year.
COVID-19 has impacted our lives in so many ways. For some, continuing to pay their pledge is not possible and we understand. If you can continue to pay your pledge, we appreciate that. Our staff is still working to keep the building safe, perform essential tasks, and bring us virtual worship on Sundays. That’s why, if you are able, we need your pledge payment.

We Need Your New Pledge for Next Year!

The Finance Committee and the Board will be working together to provide direction for next year. Even in these uncertain times, we need to plan for next year. Therefore, we need you to make your pledge for 2020-21 if you have not already done so. We originally asked for a 10% increase in pledges. At this time we realize that for many this is not possible. All we are asking is that those who can, pledge what they can. If you can find your pledge card, mail it into the church office as soon as possible. If you cannot find it, just send an email to Jamie, our church administrator ( office@uucm.org ). Include the amount of the pledge you are making for 2020-21 and how you will pay it (monthly, lump sum, etc.). Please put Pledge in the Subject of the email.
Your Finance Committee: Leslie Bennett, Jamie Ferrier, Sandy Frades, John Mika, Steve Opre, John Reagan, and Rev. Carol Strecker


The UUCM Stewardship Campaign

We are near the end of our three-year interim ministry with Rev. Carol Strecker. What a wonderful three years it has been. Now we are looking forward to Rev. Shayna Appel’s ministry. In this time of transition we invite everyone to Dream. Believe. Give. Together let’s roll up our sleeves and make our  hopes for the future happen.

All that UUCM offers — from opportunities for spiritual and personal engagement  to supporting and serving one another and the wider community — are only possible through the generous contributions of time, energy, and money by members and friends to sustain and enhance our spiritual home. None of this would be possible without your financial support each year.

Pledging is the indispensable foundation of the annual Church operations, as pledges represent about two-thirds of church income. If you are able, maintaining or increasing your pledge over last year helps ensure that UUCM continues to thrive as our congregation evolves.

During this stewardship season, please reflect on what UUCM means to you, your family, your fellow congregants, and the community. Your pledge card will be sent to your home early in March and also will be available at the One Great Day of Pledging on March 22 . Thank you for all you do for UUCM. We are so lucky to have you!

Our Stewardship Campaign for the next church year (July 2020 – June 2021) centers on our One Great Day of Pledging on March 22, 2020. Early in March, you will receive a brochure and pledge card via US Mail.

Important Dates

  • Sunday, March 1: Dreams from 030120 Service; Stone Soup Lunch and Stewardship Info Session
  • Tuesday, March 3 at 7pm: Repeat of Stewardship Informational Session. 
  • Sunday March 22: Stewardship Sunday. One Great Day of Pledging, and Celebratory Brunch
  • April-May: Finance Committee develops preliminary budget and holds meetings with congregation: Board approves the final budget.
  • June: Annual Meeting when the congregation approves the budget

Financial Goals

In the fall of 2018, UUCM voted on an ambitious 5-year plan . Now’s the time to recommit to that plan. We want to welcome Rev. Shayna Appel to a financially healthy congregation, full of hopes for the future, and ready and willing to roll up our sleeves to make it happen.

  • To start, we want to reach our annual pledge income goal of $150,000 outlined in our 5-Year Plan.
  • If you are able, we are asking you to increase your pledge by 10%. 
  • Let’s find ways to fund our dreams.

Every dollar over the amount of pledge income needed for the 5-year plan is less money we need to take from our endowment and more that will be there to fund our dreams now and into the future.

Wondering how much to pledge? The UUA suggests giving a percentage of your income .

Stewardship Team

Please contact any member of the Stewardship team to share your thoughts:

  • Leslie Bennett
  • Amy and Michael Conley
  • Jackie Davis
  • Susan and Fred Dyke Deschenes
  • Sandy Frades
  • Jewell Griffin
  • Ellen Groh
  • Debbie Maloney
  • Steve Opre
  • Reverend Carol Strecker