Building Beloved Community

Rev. Carol Strecker

Beloved Community is a term the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. popularized during the Civil Rights movement. Dr. King’s vision was of an inclusive community where everyone is welcome at the table of humanity — not in spite of their differences but because of them. In a contemporary climate of divisiveness and polarization we need Dr. King’s vision of Beloved Community more than ever. As people who affirm the worth and dignity of all people, what can we do to help realize the Beloved Community today?

Welcome Autumn at Peabody Mill

Rev. Carol Strecker

At Peabody Mill Environmental Center, 66 Brook Rd, Amherst, NH

Come celebrate the turning of the wheel of the year as we welcome autumn with a gathering in this lovely outdoor setting. We’ll begin our time together by gathering in a circle, sharing words and music that will set the tone for the morning. Then you’ll have a a variety of opportunities to engage your senses in the natural world: walking the trails, exploring the pond, building a fairy house, painting a picture, or gathering for a time of reflection and conversation on the gifts of the season. Please bring a picnic lunch so we can enjoy a meal together after our explorations.

(Whole Congregation Worship – all ages welcome)

The Sparks of Diversity and Inclusion

Worship Committee

As a community we make promises that are layered by our personal relationships, social justice imperative, and a sense of how we create a beloved community that empowers each and all of us. This service will offer opportunities to explore diversity and inclusion as a way to grow, share, and commit to what’s right for our world.

Diversity and Inclusion in Unitarian Universalism – 20 Years Later

Rev. Carol Strecker

Rev. Carol will reflect on changes she’s seen and challenges we face on the anniversary of her 20th year as an ordained Unitarian Universalist

Creating Circles of Trust

Rev. Carol Strecker

Trust is vital in developing relationships that are welcoming and inclusive. Trust is what allows us to stay at the table when things get a little shaky. This morning we’ll look at how to develop and maintain trusting relationships, drawing the circle wide and wider still.

The service will be followed by a workshop designed to help the congregation take the next steps in developing a “Covenant of Right Relations”.

Centering Voices from the Margins

Featuring Guest Speaker JerriAnne Boggis

JerriAnne Boggis is Executive Director at Black Heritage Trail of New Hampshire.

JerriAnne will be speaking to us on the heels of the 13th Annual Black New England Conference: “BLACK INK: African American News from Slave Songs to Social Media”.

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