Whole Congregation Worship

In the fall of 2016, we focus many of our services on our entire community of all ages, offering Whole Congregation Worship.

Congregations that include children and youth in their worship services tend to have more young adults stay involved in their communities, thus sustaining their faith into the future. Also, parents have expressed excitement about worshipping more frequently with their children. And volunteer teachers don’t want to miss so many worship services with their beloved community.

On Most Sundays, as we have done for decades, the entire congregation will begin together in the sanctuary. Then children (age two and older) will go to their Sunday morning circles.

On Whole Congregation Worship Sundays people of all ages will experience worship together for the whole service.

Every Sunday, parents of children age up to age two will have the option of having their children cared for in our staffed Nursery starting at 10:15am.

At any time during a worship service, parents and children may leave the sanctuary to go to one of two Family Rooms, which have games available. Because worship may include difficult life and world issues that some parents do not want their children to hear, one of these rooms will not have a speaker broadcasting the service, whereas the other will. Family Rooms also allow an opportunity for fellowship among families with children. Parents must stay with their children in these rooms.

We want our worship services to reach people of every learning style. Because  some people listen better if their hands are occupied, so we will now have Soul Work Boxes (formerly known as “busy boxes”) for all ages.

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