Upcoming Worship Services

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Sunday, April 30 at 10:30am  Transformation

Kali Fyre, Ministerial Intern, & Worship Committee
Come cross a threshold, through the door of our sanctuary, to a place where transformation is possible.  This worship service will offer story, reflections and music related to April’s theme of TRANSFORMATION and model how a team may collaborate on creating worship services in the year to come.

(Event for youth/children: Game Day)

Sunday, May 7 at 10:30am  Expect the Unexpected

Children, Youth & Leaders Grades 1-8, Sandy Frades & Rev. Barbara McKusick Liscord

This Sunday the children and youth of the congregation will present the service. The theme for May is Embodiment. What is something that is embodied in children? They can do the most unexpected things — and they plan to do that in this service. Let’s support our children and youth and their leaders by attending. You might be surprised!
(Whole Congregation Worship)

Sunday, May 14 at 10:30am  Service Is Our Prayer: Social Justice for All Ages 

Leslie Bennett, Donna Ryan, Amy Conley, Jamie Ferrier & Rev. Barbara McKusick Liscord

This Sunday, we will begin together in the sanctuary with some reflections and a story for all ages about what privilege feels like. We will then break into small groups to explore various aspects of Social Justice–from a conversation about white privilege, to social justice music, to a project for the bees, to planning for a Rise Up Against Hunger event in the 2017/2018 church year. Join us for a Sunday when service truly is our prayer.
(Whole Congregation Worship)

Sunday, May 21 at 10:30am  To This I Give My Heart

High School Youth and Advisors, including Rev. Barbara McKusick Liscord

Our High School Youth have been engaged in theological and ethical reflection this year and will share their credos with you, along with leading other parts of this worship service.
(Whole Congregation Worship)


Sunday, May 28 at 10:30am  Blessing of the Animals

Linda Goodman and Joe Pollock

The animals in our lives can often transform our anxiety to calm, give us new perspectives, and bring sheer, in-the-moment joy. We learn so much from them. Come and celebrate our furry, hairy, winged, and scaled friends at this service. Animals of all shapes and sizes are welcome. (Those that bite, sting, or scratch should be constrained.) If you can’t bring your animal, bring a photo! We will also light candles for those animals who have died since our last Animal Blessing service. This worship will be held downstairs in Barnum Hall.
(Whole Congregation Worship)

Sunday, June 4 at 10:30am   Celebrating Community

Rev. Barbara McKusick Liscord, Lynn Coakley, and Candy Shirey

We will be recognizing our volunteers, enjoying a slide show of our congregational year, and singing! This will be a shorter multigenerational service, followed by the Annual Meeting, where voting members will make decisions about the operations of our congregation. If you would like to have a say in how our congregation operates and are not currently a voting member, please contact Rev. Barbara through our office at office@uucm.org or 603-673-1870. Please send photos from our 2016-2017 church year to Candy at candyjshirey@comcast.net by Wednesday, May 17.
(Whole Congregation Worship)

Sunday, June 11 at 10:30am  Bridging, Saying Farewell, and Flower Communion

Rev. Barbara McKusick Liscord

This is our final regular worship service of the congregational year. We will honor our youth who are graduating from high school and say thank you and farewell to Kali Fyre, our ministerial intern of three years. This will be Rev. Barbara’s last worship service with us after 15 years of our shared ministry. Please bring a blossom to share in our annual flower communion, which began in Czechoslovakia after WWI when Rev. Norbert Capek created the service to uplift the lives of his parishioners who had suffered through the dark time of war.
(Whole Congregation Worship)

Sundays, June 18 – Sept. 3, 9:30-10:30am  Summer Services

Note earlier time!

Summer Services are smaller in scale and less formal than our regular services. They provide a way to keep our connections alive through the summer. More aptly called “significant Sunday sharing,” these sessions provide a time to share our joys, concerns, thoughts, and inspirations in a meaningful way. We sit in a circle in the Fireside Room and the week’s leader supplies a word, phrase, or theme, which leads to a group discussion that can evolve in any direction. There’s no sermon and little ritual, but there is a wonderful feeling of nurturing our spirits by sharing our thoughts and experiences. If you have questions or would like to facilitate a circle, please contact Cathy at cathy.goldwater@gmail.com.

Sat., Sept. 9 & Sun., Sept. 10 in the Grove at Ferry Beach

As part of our annual congregational retreat at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, we join together for worship services in the Grove. Come to the peace of tall pines and the seashore. Contact Beth Soederberg beth@soederberg.org with any questions about the retreat.