Are you, or a member of your family, gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender (LGBTQ)? Are you looking for an affirming religious alternative?

  • We are a safe spiritual haven for LGBTQ individuals and families.
  • We value the identities of our LGBTQ members and honor their committed relationships.
  • We acknowledge the life experiences of LGBTQ individuals and families in all aspects of our congregational life.
  • We are an official UUA Welcoming Congregation.

“Unitarian Universalists have long called for the full inclusion of gay and lesbian people in church and society … the human family is one, and the fears and hatreds that divide us must be overcome … affirmation of gay and lesbian [bisexual and transgendered] experience flows naturally from our tradition of freedom, of creativity, of respect for intuition and reason and life experience …” UUA c. 1998

  • Gay, lesbian, and transgender individuals have served as fully ordained ministers and Directors of Religious Education in many UU congregations.
  • In New Hampshire, UU ministers performed commitment ceremonies for same-sex couples before same-sex marriage became legal and now celebrate the opportunity to perform marriages for gay and lesbian couples.

History of Welcoming Congregation at UUCM

1992: Welcoming Congregation Committee led the congregation through the Welcoming Congregation curriculum prepared by the UUA.

1994: We became an official UUAWelcoming Congregation.

1998: Our Church Board reaffirmed and unanimously ratified a statement of our commitment to welcoming LGBTQ people of faith.

2006: UUCM Board voted to fly a rainbow banner from the church tower.

1998: A  Welcoming Congregation sign was added to our church sign on Elm St.