Our Lifelong Learning programs are designed to help us live our 3rd and 4th principles: encouragement to spiritual growth in our congregations, and a free and responsible search for truth and meaning.

  • Below is a list of current offerings at UUCM.
  • Join with the Worship Committee to create Collaborative Worship

Additionally UUCM hosts other opportunities for spiritual growth through programs held at UUCM.  See the UUCM Calendar for details and times:

  • 2nd Friday Song Circle
  • Insight Meditation
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Sacred Circle Dance
  • QiGong/Tai Chi
  • Support Groups/Step Meetings


Current Offerings at UUCM 

‘On Being’ Podcast & Potluck – 3rd Friday of the Month (restarting September 20, 2019)

Join us at 6:30pm where we share a potluck meal and listen to a Krista Tippett On Being podcast, which promises “intelligent conversation on religion, meaning, and moral imagination.”

Following dinner, we’ll talk about what we heard. It’s like a book club with no homework! Questions? Call Leslie Bennett.

The Open Door: A Biweekly Tidbit on the Monthly Theme

Want to add a little intellectual stimulation to your week? Every other week you will receive an electronic “tidbit” with a work of art, a poem or short bit of prose, and two essential questions to get you thinking about connections to ideas and other questions. The format will allow you to engage in dialogue on the Tidbit with its creator and other members of the group for two weeks – until that conversation closes and another begins. You may just want to enjoy but not enter the discussion. It’s up to you.  All you do to participate is hit reply (for just me) or “reply all”  and make a comment.

The tidbits are created by Nancy Baker. They are meant to be an online adult education opportunity that links UUs in Milford, Nashua, and Manchester so we can get to know each other better and hear new ideas and voices. You must sign up to receive them and make comments. They are not open to the general public as they are created for a UU adult ed audience. To sign up, contact Nancy Baker.  

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