Today is Tuesday, 15 June, 2021

Come to Ferry Beach 2021!

UUCM’s Ferry Beach Weekend is on for 2021! Learn more about it here.

Our Next Service

The Worship Year in Review (Online)

The Worship Team

Please note that this service, the first in our summer series, starts at 9:30am, earlier than our normal services. We’ll begin summer services this year with a look back on all that we’ve learned about keeping what’s precious, and embracing what’s possible.  Pandemic worship has been a little different, but it has done what it is meant to do –…

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Who Are We?

UUCM is a welcoming community of people who honor the diverse and evolving spiritual journeys of our members, help one another, and work together to create a better world.

Children & Youth

UUCM creates a joyful, spiritually nourishing environment for learning and living.

Climate Action Taskforce

Climate Change is the #1 social justice priority of UUCM members and friends. But it's daunting -- what can we do as individuals to make a difference? How can we have an impact?