We are a welcoming community of people from many faith traditions who gather in fellowship to explore life's big questions.

Our Mission:

We are a spiritual fellowship dedicated to building beloved community within and beyond our doors.

Summer Services continue through September 10. Regular Sunday Services resume at 10:30am on September 17 (in person and on Zoom) Please click here for details of our Summer Services

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Together (In Person and Online)

Rev Julie Lombard and The Worship Team

This week we’ll turn to A Brief History of the Future, a documentary series on PBS. Hosted by a futurist named Ari Wallach who travels the world filled with discovery, hope and possibility about where we might find ourselves today and what our future might be like. In episode four, Ari examines the idea of being together, pluralism from futuristic…

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Who Are We?

UUCM is a welcoming community of people who honor the diverse and evolving spiritual journeys of our members, help one another, and work together to create a better world.

What We Believe

UUs honor the inherent worth and dignity of every person.

Living Our Mission

Climate Change is a social justice priority of UUCM members and friends. But it's daunting -- what can we do as individuals to make a difference? How can we have an impact?

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