Upcoming Worship Services

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Sundays, June 18 – Sept. 3, 9:30-10:30am  Summer Services

Note earlier time!

Summer Services are smaller in scale and less formal than our regular services. They provide a way to keep our connections alive through the summer. More aptly called “significant Sunday sharing,” these sessions provide a time to share our joys, concerns, thoughts, and inspirations in a meaningful way. We sit in a circle in the Fireside Room and the week’s leader supplies a word, phrase, or theme, which leads to a group discussion that can evolve in any direction. There’s no sermon and little ritual, but there is a wonderful feeling of nurturing our spirits by sharing our thoughts and experiences. If you have questions or would like to facilitate a circle, please contact Cathy at cathy.goldwater@gmail.com.

Sat., Sept. 9 & Sun., Sept. 10 in the Grove at Ferry Beach

As part of our annual congregational retreat at Ferry Beach in Saco, Maine, we join together for worship services in the Grove. Come to the peace of tall pines and the seashore. Contact Beth Soederberg beth@soederberg.org with any questions about the retreat.