Small Groups at UUCM (sometimes known as Covenant Groups) offer a chance to connect more deeply with others. We come to UUCM seeking spiritual growth, to know ourselves better, to grow in our capacity to handle the ups and downs of life, and to grow in our understanding of others and the wider world.  We come to ponder the age-old questions of how to live and what beliefs and spiritual practices sustain us.  We also come for the comfort of company along the journey. For many of us, it is easier to gain depth and support from sharing in small groups.  Our Small Groups foster a quality of relationship among us that beckons forth hidden possibilities.  You are invited into a deeper, more constant, more reverent relationship with the world and with one another.

  • Small groups (8-10 people or so) meet in private homes or at UUCM with a trained facilitator for two hours once or twice a month to share their lives and thoughtful reflection and discussion on a different topic at each meeting.
  • Groups form in October and the same group of people meets through June or August, as determined by the group. This ongoing connection creates a network of care for members of each group.
  • Every fall you sign up again – either to join a new group or to continue with the same group. Contact for more information or to join a Small Group.
  • Group service projects increase the power of your individual efforts to serve our congregation and the larger community.