move the dial
  1. When planning meals, shopping or ordering in a restaurant, consider:
    • How low on the food chain is this?
    • How much energy goes in to producing it?
    • Is it grown organically?
    • How far did it travel to get to the store/table?
  2. Eat more meat-free meals
  3. Buy organic and local whenever possible
  4. Grow food in a box on your deck
  5. Reduce food waste
    • Take produce out of plastic bags. Airtight wrappings suffocate fresh produce and speed up the decay process.
    • Don’t wash produce until you’re ready to eat it. Moisture encourages decomposition and mold growth.
    • Don’t rip off fruit stems. Once living cells are broken, microorganisms start to grow. Keep produce whole as long as possible.
    • Eat the most perishable items first—raspberries last a few days; potatoes can hang around for about a month.
    • Seep up the ripening process by putting the item (a peach, for example) in a paper bag with a banana.