Celebrating Blessings

Our Soul Matters theme for the month of June is ‘Celebrating Blessings,’ and how appropriate is that as we prepare to celebrate another church year together!  Because, as the team at Soul Mattes points out;

…unlike some of our sibling religions, we dont say a lot of blessings. But we do point to them. For us, blessings are not so much about giving something to each other as they are about helping each other notice all thats already been given.

And its not just about widening our view to see the gifts and blessings themselves; its about widening our understanding of life. Pointing to blessings repairs our relationship with life, allowing us to see it as generous instead of indifferent or threatening. And thats no small thing. Because when the world seems stingy with us, we start getting stingy with others. In contrast, those who feel blessed have little trouble passing blessings on. Life spills into us and we spill into others.