During March we will be wondering what it means to be a people of commitment?

At first glance, this appears to be an endeavor that requires discipline, stick-to-itness, keeping our shoulder to the wheel and our feet moving.  Kind of like climbing a mountain.  Put a little endurance, focus, determination and grit into our backpacks and find a few coaches who can offer motivational words and strategic tips and we are well on our way.

Except…not all commitments we make can be kept.  What then? Might we need less motivational talks and more room for mourning? Might a little self-forgiveness and acceptance come in handy in these instances? Might a support group that functions more as a pit crew than a motivational coach be what’s needed?

No matter how deeply, meaningfully, authentically or trustingly our commitments, outcomes are not guaranteed.  So, maybe the better question is, “What is needed to be a people of commitment, knowing that despite giving it our best, we may fail?