In the spring of 2015, inspired by a service by Minister Emerita Jeanne Nieuwejaar, the Women in Transtion Team (WITT) formed to support women as they are released from the Women’s Prison in Goffstown.

Representatives from Citizens Concerned for Justice and folks from the Peterborough UU church and the Jaffrey Friends have attended many of our meetings, and in turn, WITT members have gone to their meetings. These groups have mutual goals and hope to continue their collaboration.

WITT meets monthly at UUCM and provides training to guide volunteers.  The Witt brochure is distributed at the prison and in local parole offices.  It highlights the support that WITT provides, most significantly transportation upon release and to parole, support, medical and other essential appointments.  WITT continues to explore a variety of ways that this group can provide support.  For more information contact