What Does It Mean to be a People of Imagination?

Too often imagination is confined to the world of our dreams, from which a mysterious magnetism arises and pulls our imperfect world into an improved future.

But imagination isn’t just a force that drives us forward toward a more perfect future, it also pulls the sacred into our impoverished present. Imagination is what transforms trees from potential firewood into wise friends. Imagination is what moves us from lording over the natural world to seeing ourselves as part of it. It gives the world a soul. And not just the natural world, but the ordinary world too. Through the lens of imagination, we perceive the common as precious, even miraculous. The laughter of our children becomes the sound of angels. Sunshine on our face becomes a greater treasure than gold. Our “everyday” lives are understood as amazing adventures and inexplicably lucky gifts.

So, join us this month as we explore the wondrous world of imagination.  Maybe you too can find the sacred amidst the ordinary!