Policies adopted by the Church Board which guide actions at UUCM. 

The Council changed its name to the Board as of June 2019. Any reference to the Council in any policy should be understood as referring to the Board.
  • Advertising Policy  This   policy specifies the types of events that will be promoted by UUCM and the communication vehicles that will be used in each case
  • Alcohol Policy This newly written policy describes guidelines to be followed in cases where alcohol is served at any UUCM gathering.
  • Bylaws   describe how UUCM is governed.
  • Covenant of Right Relations   describes how we commit to building and nurturing better relationships within our congregation
  • Endowment Policy describes how the UUCM endowment is managed.  More on the Endowment page.
  • Facebook Policy   This document sets forth policies and guidelines for managing the content of the UUCM Facebook page.
  • Food Allergen Policy   This policy is designed to give people the information they need to make healthy choices and avoid problem foods.
  • Fundraising Policy   The purpose of this policy is to make use of the abundance of creativity and energy at UUCM
  • Green Sanctuary Guidelines   The Green Sanctuary Committee proposal establishes guidelines for the purchase of some consumables at church, as we move forward toward becoming certified as a Green Sanctuary.
  • Internal Hiring  The new policy prohibits the hiring of UUCM friends and members for permanent paid staff positions.
  • Safety Policy   The purpose of this safety policy is to establish a common understanding around threats to the personal safety or psychological well-being of any child, youth or adult in our community.
  • Who Speaks for the Church   provides UUCM members and Committees with clear guidelines when speaking on issues outside the UUCM.