A Stable Faith by Rev. Shayna Appel

As our church year draws to a close, I am reminded of words by the late prophet Jerry Garcia: “What a long, strange trip it’s been.” 

Last March the world came to a grinding halt, but thanks be, the Worship Team at UUCM did not.  Neither did the Board, the Re-opening Task Force, our Small Group Ministry Teams, Adult Ed, the Communications Team, the Racial Justice Task Force, the Youth Group, the Friday Guys, Stewardship, Fundraising, Membership, the Music team, the Choir, the Pastoral Care Network. All of these teams, and more, adjusted, monumentally, to keep our life together at UUCM rolling and to keep us all socially connected during a time when physical distancing became necessary. THANK YOU, ALL!

Now we enter a new stage.  Next September we anticipate being able to host live worship. Recently, members of the worship team attended the second of three online workshops to figure out how to do multi-platform worship (live and online).  There’s no doubt that the pandemic demanded much of us.  Some of the changes we had to make and we will keep, and some we probably cannot wait to let go of. 

But this past year demonstrated, once and for all, how powerful an online presence can be.  Snowbirds can still worship with us, people who are too sick to leave home can worship with us.  People with young children can serve on committees and attend small group ministries without having to set up childcare.  Inclement weather does not shut us down.  People from as far away as France and Western Canada can worship with us.  All good things!

So rest now, Beloveds, for in August the work will begin again.  And this year’s goal to launch multi-platform worship will demand much.  Mostly, you!  We will need more volunteers for Sunday services because we will essentially be hosting two services!  Readers, musicians, and singers, when we can have them, and all participants will need a bit of training if we are going to pull this off.

But now is a resting time.  So, go forth and rest!  Please keep watch for your newsletters and church email, and if you are asked to do something, even if it is a bit out of your comfort zone, PLEASE consider saying “Yes!”  The times they are a changing… and we need to be changing with them.  Together we came through an abomination of a year!  I can’t wait to see what’s ahead!

BIG Love,

Rev. Shayna