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Time & Things (In Person and Online)

Time & Things (In Person and Online)

Rev Julie Lombard and Nancy Baker & the Worship Team

(Be sure to set your clocks back the night before!)

When we think of Generosity as a theme, we often think of the three T’s we hear about during the stewardship drive: Time, Talent, & Treasure. Did you know that there are more forms of generosity that we could consider if we are willing to walk the Buddhist spiritual path? Generosity is the foundation of the Buddhist virtues since it focuses on benefiting others. In Buddhism, there are three ways taught about practicing generosity: The giving of material things, loving protection, and loving understanding. Each week in this sermon series we will look at one of our three T’s and one of the Buddhist perspectives of generosity. This week, we will explore generosity through the lens of time and the giving of material things.

The theme for the month of November is The Gift of Generosity

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