You are currently viewing Flower Communion (In Person and Online)

Flower Communion (In Person and Online)

Flower Communion (In Person and Online)

Rev Julie Lombard and The Worship Team

For decades, UUs have been bringing a flower on this day — from a garden, from fields, or from the roadside. All blooms are welcome! This ritual signifies that it’s by our own free will that we join with one another — and our gathered flowers are a symbol of our unity. The significance of the flower communion is that as no two flowers are alike, no two people are alike, and each has a unique contribution to share. We will honor all those who contribute to this shared ministry. (That’s you, so come!) Our bountiful bouquet would not be the same without each flower, and so it is with our church community. It would not be the same without all souls. Join us as we honor someone very special to us. Please join us for this special service – an affirmation of our ever-blooming, beloved community.

Stay for our picnic lunch after the service. (See details in the monthly newsletter.)

The theme for the month of June is The Gift of Renewal.

To attend in person:

Masks are optional.

To attend virtually:

Join Service HERE. Meeting ID: 950 7947 9709. Passcode: 017672. To dial in, call: (646) 558-8656 or find your local number here.

Link will be active starting at 10:15 AM, to allow everyone to log on.