You are currently viewing From What It Was and Should Be (Online)

From What It Was and Should Be (Online)

From What It Was and Should Be (Online)

Rev. Shayna Appel

Ralph Waldo Emerson delivered “The Divinity School Address” at Harvard on July 15, 1838 looking to a time when the spirit that inspired the prophets of old would again animate humanity. He firmly believed that both the Sabbath and the institution of preaching would become meaningful again if life and conscience were restored to them. How are we doing with that?

Quote: Thought may work cold and intransitive in things, and find no end or unity; but the dawn of the sentiment of virtue on the heart, gives and is the assurance that Law is sovereign over all natures; and the worlds, time, space, eternity, do seem to break out into joy.
~Ralph Waldo Emerson

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