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Listening for Voices of the Unheard (Online)

Listening for Voices of the Unheard (Online)

Rev. Shayna Appel

This Sunday Rev. Shayna will lead us in taking some time to listen anew to the unhelpful frames outlined in the following excerpt and learn how to challenge them in ourselves and others.

It’s striking how conversations about racial justice protests quickly move from the pain and moral demands that sit at the center of those protests to the violence that sometimes lives at the edges of them. Deep listening helps us notice how certain “narratives” and “frames” about the violence actually work to remove the protests’ moral demands and pain from the center of the discussion, how they distract and in many cases seek to undermine that work for justice. And these frames don’t just live “out there”; they live inside many of us as well. [From Soul Matters Curriculum for Small Groups, October 2020.]

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