Honoring Our Animal Friends (Online)

Honoring Our Animal Friends (Online)

Nancy Baker & the Worship Team

Join our virtual service this Sunday as we honor our pets. We will remember those pets who are no longer with us and who we miss. During this remembrance, we will hold up photos of our pet to the camera and/or use Chat to say the name of our beloved pet who is no longer with us.
We will honor those pets that are with us today and have kept us company throughout the pandemic. If your pet has Zoom Bombed a meeting, now is the time for them to be encouraged to be part of our service. You can have your pet by your side and speak to us about your friend. In some cases, a photo will have to do for this part of the service as well

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Meeting ID: 935 0127 2783
Passcode: 106031

The service meeting will be started 15 minutes early, to allow you time to log on.