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Why We Give (In Person and Online)

Why We Give (In Person and Online)

Rev Julie Lombard and The Worship Team

Every year we gather together around this time to talk about stewardship and how we will keep this community working towards its mission and vision. We’ve heard the message about pledging as sharing our “time, talent, and treasure”. Leadership has thought up all sorts of creative ways to inspire people to give. So, what is it that you give and why? Is it your time, your talent, your treasure — or is it all of the above? I ask because these ideas are what’s beneath the fertile ground where the seed of love grows. Come, join us for a Stewardship kick-off and start pondering this important question.

The theme for the month of March is The Gift of Transformation.

To attend in person:

Masks are optional.

To attend virtually:

Join Service HERE. Meeting ID: 950 7947 9709. Passcode: 017672. To dial in, call: (646) 558-8656 or find your local number here.

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