Linda Higgs

Linda at Santorini

In 1969, married and with two small children, I joined what was then called the Unitarian Society of Milford (although I may not be remembering that name correctly). Over the years my family benefited greatly from being part of this church community. I served in a variety of ways, from teaching in the RE program, being chair of the RE program, to being president of the Council. Professionally I was an educator of young children, beginning with a small nursery school in my Amherst home, moving to a (then) private kindergarten, and finally Amherst public school 1st and 2nd grades. This community has supported me through many phases of my life.

I was divorced in the early 90s and in 2002 married Bryan Higgs, also a long time member of UUCM. Now retired, I volunteer, enjoy travel, book groups, and especially have been delighted to watch five lovely granddaughters become young women. I bask in the warmth of my UUCM community.