In September 2013, UUCM began a theme-based ministry. Theme-based ministry is an integrated worship and learning practice designed to give us a deeper and richer experience of our faith. Each month, we’ll explore dimensions of the theme through worship, small groups, lifespan faith development, movie nights, book groups, and newsletter reflections.

Themes provide an opportunity to grapple with theological ideas and their relevance in our lives.  We will have opportunities to expand our theological literacy and perhaps reclaim for ourselves theological language or “a language of reverence” as some have called it. The ultimate purpose is to support your journey of connection and spirit, as well as offering strengthening resources for living your faith in personal interactions and in the public square.

The Soul Matters Sharing Circle overarching concept for 2016-2017 will be:

“A community of…”

UU religious community is a precious gift.  Within it, we find values and questions that are rarely encountered elsewhere in our lives.  Values and questions that push us, ground us, and remind us who we most deeply are. So this year our themes honor this gift of community and its role as caretaker of values.  Together we will ask: “What is it we find when we gather?  And what is it we are asked to share with the world?”

A community of…

September: Covenant  What are you willing to promise?

September Resource Packet

October: Healing  What breaks your heart open?

October Resource Packet
Healing Stories for All Ages

November: Story

November Resource Packet

December: Presence

December Resource Packet
December Resource Packet for Youth

January: Prophecy

January Resource Packet

February: Identity

February Resource Packet

March: Risk

March Resource Packet

April: Transformation

April Resource Packet

May: Embodiment

May Resource Packet

June: Joy

June Resource Packet

Resources for 2015-2016 Themes