A Stable Faith by Rev. Shayna Appel

For where your treasure is, there your heart shall be also. [Matthew 6:21]

The season of Stewardship is one of my favorite times of year.  (I hear you groaning…PLEASE read on!)

During this season we turn our focus towards our experience of UUCM, our hopes and dreams for UUCM, and we take some time to look at what we’ve accomplished and where we’re going.  It’s a season for taking stock, NOT just a season about giving money to the church.

This year we are hosting virtual cottage meetings in which we will be able to share with you how the Board and other leaders of the congregation have interpreted the hopes and dreams you all expressed during your search for a new minister.  Admittedly, the wheels came off that bus as soon as the pandemic hit and we were sent into lock-down.  You may recall a message from me earlier in this church year when I told you we were going to narrow our focus to staying connected as we thought THAT should be the priority during a year of physical distancing.

So, it is with hopeful hearts that we turn again to the broader vision you all previously expressed.  PLEASE make it a point to attend one of these meetings as no vision leadership can conjure will ever be complete without collective buy-in!

And now, four quick points about pledging!

  • We know that some of you are already giving what you can and for that, we are grateful beyond measure! Thank you!  We also know that some of you may have had your ability to give somewhat reduced this year.  We understand and are grateful for whatever you can give!  Remember, the amount is not as important as your commitment to give at all, and every bit helps!
  • A Pledge is NOT something you can write a check for today. That’s a donation.  And while we deeply appreciate those too, we’re asking you to look into your hearts and think about what this community means to you, and pledge to make your gift over time.
  • I’m guessing that, for those of you who do pledge, UUCM is NOT the only organization you give to. The spirit of giving, once nurtured, is rarely able to be confined to one place exclusively.  But please consider making us a priority in your giving.  Many of the organizations you support likely have mailing lists in the tens of thousands of contributors.  Ours is as long as our directory!
  • Give what you can knowing that, whatever it is, it makes a big difference! Kind of like a small pebble in a puddle.  Throw that same pebble into the ocean and you won’t get much by way of ripples.  Throw it into a small puddle and, well, you get the point!

This year’s Stewardship Team is working hard to put the ‘fun’ back in FUNdraising!  Largely because fun is good, it’s been a loooooong year, and who couldn’t use a little fun?  Come, listen, share, and if you can, give!

BIG Love-

Rev. Shayna