A Stable Faith by Rev. Shayna Appel

UU Ministers know that we need one another, and so we talk to one another…a lot!  We have our professional association (UUMA), facebook pages, identity sub-groups, professional gatherings and conferences.  We know we need one another in the best of times and all the more so in the less-than-best of times, and so we talk. 

A few weeks ago one of our ministers serving a small congregation on the west coast threw out a request on the UUMA facebook page asking about sources for recorded music and hymns during this time of pandemic.  I forget now whether the need arose from a vacancy in the Music Directors position, or the difficulties of recording and mixing music so that it can be broadcast…but they needed some music!

I mentioned that I was currently blessed (BLESSED!) to be serving a congregation that had a music team, a choir and a technical team and I would be happy to ask about sharing the music we’ve been recording and banking since last March.  The music team of Jackie Davis and Lisa Murray didn’t hesitate, and either did Amy Conley. Now the good people at Rev. Kaufel’s church again have some really lovely music to add to their services of worship! 

Most UU’s are familiar with the language of our seven UU Principles, but the preamble to those Principles is not as familiar.  It says, “We, the member congregations of the Unitarian Universalist Association covenant to affirm and promote…” We covenant!   We make a sacred promise TOGETHER!  In good times, in times of difficulty, and in times of great difficulty, we stand together, bound not by creed, but by choice.

The generosity of our music professionals shared so freely and without reserve captures the essence of that covenant beautifully!  We all have good cause to be proud of them, and grateful to be blessed as a community with a deep, deep well of riches.  Thank you Jackie Davis, Lisa Murray, Amy Conley, all our choir members, and Candy Shirey our engineer extraordinaire!  Thank you members and friends of UUCM for all of your time, talent and treasure, without which this gift of music would not have been possible!

In the days and weeks ahead, should you find yourself feeling overwhelmed, isolated, fearful or alone, remember that you are part of this little faith community in Milford, NH. And this little faith community is not alone!  

We need one another.  Thankfully, we have one another, and so much more!

Keep the Faith!

BIG Love-

Rev. Shayna