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Pluralism & Faith (In Person and Online)

Pluralism & Faith (In Person and Online)

Rev Julie Lombard and The Worship Team

The Pluralism Project at Harvard University studies and interprets the changing religious landscape of the United States. Diana Eck first offered a course in 1991 on “World Religions in New England.” Based on the findings, researchers set out to investigate the changing religious landscape, and to consider the implications of this more complex religious landscape for American public life. Diversity alone does not constitute pluralism. Pluralism requires a degree of engagement with our diversity and the knowledge of others and of ourselves that such engagement brings. And so, the Pluralism Project was born. Come here the story of one person
following their curiosity into an unknown land of faith.

The theme for the month of May is The Gift of Pluralism.

To attend in person:

Masks are optional.

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